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Nursery Places  –  including 15 and 30 hours funding

From September 2017 the Government are introducing an eligibility based additional 15 hours of free childcare for 3 and 4 year olds. This means that all three and four year old children will access the universal 15 hours entitlement but some children will be able to access an additional 15 hours – if their parent(s) meet the proposed eligibility criteria.

The free hours offer

All 3 and 4 year olds currently receive 570 hours of free early education or childcare a year, this is based on 15 hours a week for 38 weeks a year and is a universal offer which is the child’s entitlement.

The additional hours being introduced from September 2017 (30 hour funding) are based on the parent(s) of the child meeting an eligibility criteria. If eligible the child will be entitled to an additional 570 hours, a total of 1140 hours per year. The maximum number of hours that can be claimed each week is 30 hours

Proposed eligibility criteria

Both parents/carers resident in a household or sole parent in a single parent household currently work and each earns at least the equivalent of 16 hours work per week at the, relevant minimum wage (currently £115.00 for over 25 year olds which equates to £5,980 per year) and under £100,000 per year total income

Where parents are self- employed or on a zero or variable hours contract average earnings will be assessed.

For further information about the Nursery place funding please refer to the BMBC council website

BMBC Early Education Funding – Barnsley

Your child must be registered and attending at a childcare setting on headcount week to receive early education funding, From the term following their third birthday …