Our Sports subject champion is Miss Carter

“I love sports for all the amazing things they have taught me throughout my life. Sport has taught me work ethic, goal setting, leadership, teamwork, and how to handle things when they don’t go my way. Sports taught me how to be humble, as I went through periods where I was successful and on the top or my game and the times where I played terrible, or lost. Why is that important? Because those are all lessons you need to develop in life to be successful. Life isn’t easy! On top of that, through sport I have naturally developed strong friendships. Nearly all of my best friends, even today, are those I grew up with playing sports with and against. I love to coach, teach and inspire students in all sports, whether I’m good at them or not. Sports inspire all of us to do great things through the determination we use in trying to achieve our best. “

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Revised curriculum Spring 2021.

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