Welcome to the section of our website containing English as a second languages resources and ideas. EAL provision remains central to meeting the needs of our school’s learners and community. Queens Road Academy worked with other schools in Barnsley and created resources and reflected upon practice. At the time of the project we supported Barnsley MBC strategy in ‘Championing’ EAL. This project has now ended, however we have left the legacy materials on our site in hope that they may provoke further thought and be useful.

Champion Schools for Raising the Achievement of learners for whom English is an Additional Language

The development of Champion Schools for raising the achievement of learners for whom English is an Additional Language (EAL) is central to Barnsley MBC’s strategy of supporting schools across the local authority to meet the needs of EAL learners.

What is a Champion School?

A Champion School for EAL achievement:

– has identified provision for EAL students as a development priority and has committed considerable resources to enhance practice to support EAL learners;
– has developed effective provision for EAL learners which results in a narrowing of the achievement gap for this group of learners;
– has strong and effective relationships with its community, able to form effective partnerships with the families of EAL learners in these communities to support the education of their children;
– is able to share their developments with other schools in the borough to support development of best practice for this group of learners;

Who are Barnsley’s Champion Schools for raising achievement of EAL learners?

Barnsley has two schools able to share the expertise in the role of Champion School:

– Queen’s Road Academy to support primary schools across the borough
– Horizon Community College to support secondary schools across the borough

What support can a Champion School offer?

The Champion School for EAL Achievement will offer support in the following areas:

 1. Ensuring the needs of children new to English are integrated into a cohesive, inclusive admissions process. For more information on Area 1, click here.
2. Establish strategies to engage parents of EAL pupils in their child’s learning and the life of the school. For more information on Area 2, click here.
3. Ensuring school’s curriculum and learning environment celebrates the cultural diversity of all pupils. For more information on Area 3, click here.
4. Implement a suitable induction programme that ensures new arrivals settle swiftly and engage fully in the school’s community. For more information on Area 4, click here.
5. Ensure effective initial assessment of cognitive and linguistic ability underpins provision. For more information on Area 5, click here.
6. Establish thorough understanding amongst staff of the steps involved in the early acquisition of English.  For more information on Area 6, click here.
7. Implement effective classroom practice and pedagogy to ensure effective, inclusive learning and progress for EAL pupils. For more information on Area 7, click here.

How will a Champion School offer its support?

Each champion school will offer support via:

On line materials A series of resources and guidance documents intended to answer the frequently asked questions school face when developing provision for EAL learners.
Open House meetings Scheduled twilight sessions allowing colleagues to visit the Champion School to meet with staff for further explanation of the on line materials.

How to access Champion School support:

Schools and colleagues seeking to access support should:

1. Clarify the areas of EAL provision with which they require support.

2. Use the Champion School support guide below to identify which online materials are designed to support that area.

3. Access the online materials.

4. Implement as appropriate advice and guidance offered by the Champion School.

5. Complete a referral form to attend an Open House Meeting if further clarification/explanation is necessary.