We strongly believe that EVERYONE CAN DO MATHS and EVERYONE CAN ENJOY MATHS!  We love maths because it is all around us and it is part of all our daily lives. We don’t see maths as boring I see it as fun. Maths can save us money when we are out shopping.  Maths helps us to see patterns, it helps us in the kitchen, it helps us develop a love for puzzles, it helps us with building projects and helps to develop our curiosity and questioning skills. Maths is linked to science and art and DT.  Maths improves and develops our ability to reason and problem solve and teaches us to become reflective thinkers; all of which are essential skills of being life-long learners.  My love of maths has taught me to think logically and look for possible solutions especially when I need to find an answer to a real-life problems.

Maths Curriculum Intent Statement

National Curriculum Progression Primary Document

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Maths Vocabulary EYFS | Maths Vocabulary Y1  | Maths Vocabulary Year 2 | Maths Vocabulary Year 3 | Maths Vocabulary Year 4 | Maths Vocabulary Year 5 | Maths Vocabulary Year 6

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