At the heart of our offer lies our key drivers, which as a school, we believe are fundamental to helping our pupils be prepared for the future, both at the next stages of their education and for their adult lives.

Our school is situated in a very diverse community and we appreciate that our pupils have a range of linguistic experiences prior to starting school. ( #qrachatterbox – Be confident – Collaborate – Listen carefully – Be confident)

In a changing world, we want to ensure that our pupils are equipped for the future working world by having the skills and mindset to solve problems, embrace change and create new and better ideas. ( #qrainventor – Be creative – Take risks –  Make links – Find solutions)

We aim to provide practical learning experiences, to foster curiosity and to create and inspire a love for learning. (#qranosey – Try new things – Be inquisitive – Ask questions – Love learning)

Positive Mindset
We promote a culture of self-improvement at Queens Road Academy. We aim to develop a positive growth mindset in our pupils, which will help them to succeed in their school life and beyond. ( #qrahappy – Be enthusiastic – Feel proud – Aim high – Be positive)

The ability to face challenges and difficulties is a key life skill and is particularly important for mental health. We aim to give our pupils skills and strategies to see setbacks as opportunities not problems. ( #qrabump – Be determined – Use feedback – Be resilient – Be hardworking)

Critical Thinking
We want our pupils to leave Queens Road, knowing their own minds and being able to make clear, reasoned judgments about issues which affect their own and others lives. We know that this is an invaluable life and workplace skill. ( #qrawise – Be responsible – Be patient – Be reflective – Think critically)