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As you know, we have had some incredible support from our partners, Arla, during our Covid response. They offered milk vouchers out via school packs and also Amazon deliveries to your families.  Arla also wanted to share with you some resources that are designed to help children to understand why milk is important nutritionally, and where it comes from.

The attached pdf contains some fun, educational activities that you can use with your KS1/Lower KS2 children, either in school (perhaps during breakfast, science, PSHCE or Assembly time) or at home – you could even tie it in with talk of milk and cookies for Santa 😉.

We hope you enjoy them – do let us know what you think, or share on social media if your school uses it. Thank you so much for all your ongoing hard work!

Kind Regards

Michala Wild

School Partner – North and North East

Magic Breakfast



As part of Arla’s partnership with Magic Breakfast to provide milk vouchers with their take-home breakfast packs, we are delighted to be launching a series of educational activities and resources. These are aimed at providing schools with the opportunity to teach children more about dairy farming, where their food comes from and improving children’s understanding of nutrition and the importance of eating well, in a fun and interactive way.

Each term we’ll be providing activity packs that cover a different area of dairy farming, such as the health and nutrition side of milk, the way it gets from the farm to your fridge, and how dairy farming is taking steps to become more sustainable and environmentally responsible.

The included activities are aimed at Key Stage 1 and Lower Key Stage 2, teaching pupils about health, nutrition and science through various fun games, puzzles, and quizzes, focusing on key elements of the science curriculum:

▪ To recognise different species of cattle.

▪ To understand the importance for humans of eating the right amounts of different types of food at breakfast time.

▪ To begin to understand where milk comes from.

The packs are designed to be flexible for schools and teachers to use. They work for structured sessions such as lessons or informal activities during breakfast club, as group activities during assembly or wet break, or can be given as a home learning activity. We’ve included more information within the Teacher’s Notes section of the activity pack.

Our aim is to provide information in fun, creative, and engaging ways for children to learn about dairy farming, with the hope that they can get the opportunity to visit one in person. We are delighted to be working together with Magic Breakfast and are working towards a further set of activities and incentives for schools to get involved!

We hope you and your students enjoy this activity pack and find it informative and fun. We’re committed to supporting Magic Breakfast both with our milk vouchers and these activity packs, helping to provide the vital fuel children need to power their learning.

From the Arla family

Best regards